Your questions answered

We’re often asked similar questions, so we’ve gathered together some of our favourites below. Can’t see your question? No problem, give us a call on 0409 728 551, or get in touch.

Rather than have endless pictures of pens and stress balls on our site, we thought we’d take a different approach. Whatever your idea, we’ll find a solution – no matter how weird – so just call us and tell us what you want, be it notepads or inflatable branded piglets, and we’ll make it happen.

We’ll do our best, just send us the quote and your requirements for the project and we’ll get back to you. (Of course this only applies to Australian quotes.)

We may sometimes be able to supply a sample. Your best bet is to give us a call to discuss on 0409 728 551.

Nope, we don’t want to kill any more trees, and really we can brand pretty much ANYTHING, so that a catalogue would be the size of a house. So instead, you can find examples of our previous work on this very site or on our Facebook page.

We accept PayPal, credit cards and direct deposits. Full payment is required before any work is started.

We prefer to work with .ai, .eps, .psd or print-ready .pdf files.  However, we’ll also accept high quality .jpg, .png and .tif files (although we don’t recommend this as the quality is not always great on the finished product).

We provide both options.

You might prefer a base – it protects the table surface and stops the beer from going frothy if you slap it down too hard on a surface.

You might prefer not to have base – as you can store them and place them over the top of your bottle or can.

If you can’t decide, why not order 50% with and 50% without? Clever huh?

We provide a digital mock-up for every job. That gives you a chance to check your graphics and spelling.